FILM: 'Even Jesus Was Bipolar' by Yamile Calderon and Edward Cunniffe

Welcome to the Screening of “ Even Jesus Was Bipolar” by Yamile Calderon and Edward Cunniffe, and an artist talk with the filmmakers and the writer Hans Peter Blad.

Kunstnerners Hus Kino, Thursday Nov. 16th at 19:00

Even Jesus Was Bipolar, is a documentary about Calderon’s brother Hernando who recently and over the course of a year went blind and was diagnosed as bipolar. The story charts Hernando’s experience and understanding of reality leading up to and following his diagnosis of a mental illness and subsequent blindness and the acceptance of his condition. The film explores themes such as memory, perception, sexuality, identity, madness, fear, paranoia, and depression through Hernando’s life.

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Når: tor 16. nov 2017 19:00 - 21:00