Kunstnernes Hus | UKS at Kunstnernes Hus

UKS at Kunstnernes Hus

Autumn 2017 marks the beginning of a series of UKS projects that each employ both UKS’ grounds and a part of the neighboring venue, Kunstnernes Hus, enabling the simultaneous exploration of different corners of the artistic production in question, from the main streams to the fissures and crevices. Following a large-scale UKS commission by Eirik Sæther presented at Kunstnernes Hus earlier in the year, all exhibitions launch grand-scale productions by artists who have not previously had major solo exhibitions in Norway or Scandinavia.

First in this series of double exposés is the American, Berlin-based painter, sculptor, and occasional playwright Georgia Gardner Gray (1988, US). In her dual exhibition, titled CONCORDE, Gray transforms the ground floor of Kunstnernes Hus into a black box display for an approximately life-size model of the iconic, sculptural bodywork of the supersonic turbojet, Concorde. Second two-fold show will open in December by Constance Tenvik (1990, NO) focusing on a disastrous attempt at restaging a medieval joust in a Scottish castle in 1839, exploring the idle potential of show(wo)manship and dumb folklore; while the third and final project in this series is a new commission by Nora Joung (1989, NO), opening in late January 2018.