Kjell Varvin

FREE GEOMETRY/ Unstable variables

4 March – 30 April 2017

Kjell Varvin (b. 1939) has been creating his spatial and geometric installations since the 1990s. In March and April the artist’s works will be on display in the twin skylit galleries at Kunstnernes Hus.

Varvin’s sculptures can be seen as three-dimensional drawings where the lines break free from the surface and extend outwards into the room. His musical, mutable art has garnered comparisons with everything from Bach’s fugues to free jazz. The result is a truly explosive output executed in an abstract, geometric style.

Varvin uses surplus material from the industrial sector, welds steel rods together, and paints sheets of metal. Every day he constructs new sculptures and takes photographs of them, before regularly posting the photos on both Facebook and his own blog. Afterwards he disassembles the installations and begins creating new ones.

Every day during the exhibition period, Varvin will construct new sculptures in designated areas in the two rooms. Hold on to your ticket and come back for another look!

Free Geometry/ Unstable Variables is a co-production between Kunstnernes Hus and the Northern Norway Art Museum (NNKM) and was presented in Tromsø in spring 2016, featuring an ample selection of Varvin’s works from the 1970s until the present. Kunstnernes Hus and NNKM are currently collaborating with Teknisk Industri on a book that will be published in the autumn.

See Kjell Varvin’s own blog and follow him on Facebook.

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Photo: Christina Leithe Hansen

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