Pledd og presanger binder
1. juni – 2. september 2018

Through textures, ready mades and steal constructions, Steinum explores material qualities in various textiles and objects. By a thorough manipulation of different materials, the artist wishes to bring forth material contrasts such as dirty and clean, organic and structured, soft and hard. A larger textile work is currently on view in Kunstnernes Hus’ foajé. This work is made out of fleece and silk threads, as a continuation of the works she presented in the exhibition Craving Caring Clumsy Connection on view at Soy Capitán in Berlin until June 23rd 2018 (see installation views here). The work plays with notions of care, generosity and gift exchange, actions that are giving but also binding and gagging.

Steinum graduated with an MFA from the Art Academy in Oslo in 2012. Since then, she has participated to a range and exhibition, most recently at the Sculpture Biennial in Oslo at the Vigeland Museum (2012) Wildlife Sculpture Parc at Nesodden (2017) and at the Norwegian textile artist anniversary exhibition (2017). Forthcoming projects will include Grenland Kunsthall, Kunsthall Stavanger and Haverkampf Galerie in Berlin.

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